Elham Ehsas

In Spring 2022, the Taliban implemented a series of new decrees that banned music from being played in public or on TV throughout Afghanistan. Girls were sent home from school on their first day back, and subsequently ordered to wear the Chadari, the infamous blue full body veil that became iconic during the first Taliban regime in the late nineties. Laili, a 21-year-old Afghan woman who has been educated and has never had to wear the Chadari, must now go to her local Chadari seller to purchase her first full body veil. As she wanders through the shop, she is drawn to the sounds of music coming from the back and discovers a young man, a disillusioned Taliban member, secretly playing the Rabab. In her search for a veil that fits, Laili must confront the new future she faces and the limitations it imposes on her, all while glimpsing the world beyond the mesh of her Chadari.

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