Ma Gueule

Grégory Carnoli,Thibaut Wohlfahrt

"Stéphane, 35 years old, has recently moved to Brussels. He returns to his hometown of La Louvière to watch a soccer match with his childhood friends, Luca and Cesare. At the end of the game, they manage to persuade Stéphane to follow them to a Flemish nightclub, ""like in the good old days"". But the exit does not go as planned: Stéphane is refused entry. Is the beginning of a crazy night that will lead him to discover that we don't choose the way others see us."

Sobre Grégory Carnoli

Grégory Carnoli is a Belgian actor of Italian origin. Grégory is a jack of all trades, dance, music, performance, writing, cinema, but above all theatre. Trained in 3 schools (IAD, INSAS and Kleine Academie), his work is eclectic and directed towards creation and movement. A professional since 2005, he has collaborated with a dozen companies for about twenty shows. Since 2014, he has collaborated with Ontroerend Goed on the shows
A Game Of You, Intern, and Fight Night. In Flanders, he has worked with the Antwerp company Bad Van Marie. He also works with the German-speaking company Agora Theater. In 2017, he performed in Dominique Ziegler's La Route du Levant, directed by Jean Michel Van den Eeyden and presented at the Festival Off in Avignon. With the short film Ma Gueule, he started directing, accompanied by Thibaut Wohlfahrt.

Sobre Thibaut Wohlfahrt

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